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2014 Accessions

Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) Records (RG 011), 1917-2014

Accession 2015:055, received 2015-06-01. 0.20 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of materials documenting the work of the Associated Students of OSU Congress (both the Senate and House of Representatives) during the 74th session. In addition to bills and resolutions, these records also reflect attendance by the senators/representatives, vote counts, and office hours.

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Charles Burton Winne Scrapbook Collection, 1918-1979

Accession 2015:053, received 2015-05-26. 0.20 cubic foot; 1 12x17 oversize box

This accession consists of scrapbooks assembled by alumnus Charles Burton (Burt) Winne that document his experience at Oregon Agricultural College and his service in the Army during War World I. Primarily made up of photographs, these scrapbooks also contains dance cards, invitations, ribbons, student handbooks, foreign currency, a letter, and ticket stubs. The student era images depict Winne with his fellow fraternity members (Kappa Theta Rho), picnics with other students, football games, campus views, his wife Molly, and portrait shots of his parents. There are also views of Winne in high school and as a part of group shots with other OAC alumni at 1924 class reunions.The images relating to World War I are a combination of mass produced views by H.R. Schroyer and photographs taken by Winne during his military training. Numbered and identified by subject in a booklet attached to one of the scrapbooks, the Schroyer images depict wartime scenes in France and Germany as well as scenes of the troops returning home to celebratory events in Seattle, Portland, and other places. Some of Winne's WW I views also appear to have been taken in Europe.

Canine Research Collection, 1947-2013

Accession 2015:050, received 2015-04-24. 0.8 cubic feet; 1 cubic foot box

This accession consists of canine newsletters dating to the 1970s, articles written on specific breeds, and two scrapbooks documenting the dog show photography of Gene Bennett. The newsletters were collected by dog show judge F.S. "Wes" Cartright and consist of either first or last editions of four news publications titled "Canine Graphic," "Ilio," "The Dog in the Ring and the Field," and "From the Kennels." The articles held in the accession are "History of the Great Dane," written by Gwen Herbert for publication in the June 1984 issue of "Dogs Monthly," and an undated manuscript titled "Origin and History of the Miniature Pinscher," by Viva Leone Ricketts. The scrapbooks, which have been disbound, chronicle the life and work of photographer Gene Bennett, who documented dog shows in the western United States from the 1950s- 1970s. The scrapbooks include numerous images of dogs in competition as well as images of Bennett at various stages in his life, including biographical information. The scrapbooks were assembled by Monica Bennett Firchow, Gene Bennett's daughter.

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Greek Life Office Records (RG 223), 1945-2015

Accession 2015:041, received 2015-04-29. 0.12 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by the Office of Greek Life that primarily document events celebrating the centenary in 2015 of Greek chapters at OSU. In addition to a script for the centennial banquet, there are also event programs, flyers, a newsletter, and a name tag.This transfer also includes three photographic prints depicting members of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. These images were donated by James Cote, whose mother, Louise (Franciscovich) Cotebelonged to the sorority and is featured in the group shots.

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Panhellenic Council Records (RG 056), 2005-2011

Accession 2015:041, received 2015-04-29. 0.10 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of materials generated by the Panhellenic Council that are mostly made up of meeting minutes, but also include budgetary reports, bylaws, newspaper clippings, and a strategic plan.

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University Advancement Records (RG 210), 2001-2005

Accession 2015:039, received 2015-04-29. 0.20 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of documentation relating to requests received by the Office of University Advancement for use of OSU logos and wordmarks. In addition to correspondence, this transfer includes lists of the requests received that include information on the requestor, the intended use of the logo/wordmark, and whether the request was approved.

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William G. Robbins Papers, 1942-2014

Accession 2015:034, received 2015-04-14. 0.30 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is an addition to the William Robbins Papers consisting of materials collected and generated by History Professor emeritus Robbins in the course of writing the article "The Academy and Cold War Politics: Oregon State College and the Ralph Spitzer Story." Made up of book chapters, correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, student papers, and transcripts from an oral history, these materials reflect the process of archives research as well as reviews of article drafts. Much of the archival documentation collected by Robbins relates to interaction between Chemistry instructor Ralph Spitzer and his academic mentor Linus Pauling. Other records reflect President Strand's decision to dismiss Spitzer and the public reaction to this firing.The article appeared in the Fall 2013 issue of the "Pacific Northwest Quarterly." There are also two documents in this transfer relating to Robbins' research on Monroe Sweetland for a book.

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Asian and Pacific Cultural Center Records (RG 245), 1990-2014

Accession 2015:027, received 2015-03-16. 4 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes;1 16x20 and 1 20x24 oversize boxes; 3 map folders

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by the Asian and Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) and includes architectural drawings, budget proposals and statements, certificates, constitutions, correspondence, event calendars, display panels, event programs, flyers, a guestbook, handbooks, meeting minutes, member lists, mission statements, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photographs, posters, reports, and scrapbook materials. In addition to documenting the planning and publicity of various events by the APCC, these records also reflect the development of the new APCC building, the collection of reference materials about Asian countries and OSU support services, APCC's interaction with other cultural centers, and the defining of APCC's mission. About half of the posters publicize APCC events, while the other half are handmade biographical profiles handmade by APCC members with a portrait shot and details about likes, hometown, etc.The display panels address topics such as celebrities with Asian roots, Pacific Islander culture, the Japanese American Student Association, and the Chinese calendar. Numbering about 1302 photographs in total (766 prints, 200 negatives, and 336 slides), the images primarily depict events organized by the APCC both at the center and elsewhere on campus. Annual celebrations by student cultural associations/clubs are also reflected in these images as well as portrait and group shots of APCC members. The slides show views of Thailand. The scrapbook materials consist of photographs and newspaper clippings on partially finished scrapbook pages and also found in loose accumulations for later assemblage.

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John L. Fryer Collection, 1955-2003

Accession 2015:019, received 2015-02-24. 5 cubic feet; 5 archives boxes

This addition to the John L. Fryer Collection consists of materials generated and collected by Microbiology Professor Fryer and is made up of article reprints, certificates, conference papers, correspondence, curriculum vitae, employment records, grant proposals, laboratory notebooks, newspaper clippings, photographs, publications, reports, research data, and theses. Primarily reflecting Fryer's research of infectious diseases in salmon, these records also document Fryer's involvement in professional organizations, interaction with the Oregon State Fish Commission, doctoral research, receipt of awards/honors, patents issued, and his work as Microbiology Department chairman. There are also files relating to Fryer's retirement celebration and the construction of the Fish Disease Laboratory. In addition to data and lab notebooks, materials relating to research include correspondence, proposals, photographs, reports, and theses. Numbering about 1710 photographs in total (800 prints, 750 negatives, 160 slides), the images mostly document fish research by Fryer and graduate students. Some of these images reflect Fryer's own doctoral research. There are also group and portrait shots featuring Fryer, John Rohovec, and other researchers at the Fish Disease Lab.

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Music Department Records (RG 148), 1928-2014

Accession 2015:031, received 2015-03-26. 0.90 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession consists of materials generated by the Music Department that document various concerts organized by the department, fundraising, the dedication of renovated instructional spaces in Benton Hall, the Corvallis-OSU Symphony Orchestra, department history, and publicity for OSU choirs and bands. In addition to event programs, this transfer is made up of brochures, cds, correspondence, photographs, and posters. Numbering about 400 photographs in total (300 prints and 100 negatives), the images depict department faculty in portrait shots, the dedication of the Walker Memorial Recital Hall, the dedication of the choral room, and an opera workshop. About half of these records are organized into biographical files on Music Dept. faculty and alumni. Other than portrait shots, these files contain cds, curriculum vitae, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and press releases. Among those represented in these files include: Tina Bull, Roosevelt Credit, Angela Carlson, David Eiseman, Gary Frame, German Gonzalez, Carol Robe, and Laura Zaerr. The two cds are sound recordings of a performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony by the Music Department.

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Marian Field Collection, 1933-1934

Accession 2015:030, received 2015-03-23. 0.35 cubic foot; 1 16x20 oversize box

This addition to the Marian Field Collection is made up of illustrations of mushrooms and fungi drawn by Art Instructor Marian Field as a part of a Works Progress Administration project. The drawings were likely the product of a collaborative project with University of Oregon Botanist Frank Sipe. Field later worked with Sipe on illustrations of Oregon woody plants from 1936 to1941 for another Works Progress Administration project. Numbering 54 drawings in total, most of the illustrations are matted on paper board with the subject matter identified by both their latin and common names. Some of the drawings show different life stages of a mushroom type and contain notes on the habitat, coloration, height, and details of the painted subjects as well as where the specimen was collected. Eight photographic prints depicting mushrooms that Field used as a studies for her illustrationss were also found in this transfer.

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College Student Services Administration Records (RG 233), 1963-2014

Accession 2015:029, received 2015-03-19. 0.50 cubic foot; 2 document boxes

This accession consists of materials generated by the College Student Services Administration (CSSA) program that is made up of annual reports, brochures, correspondence, a handbook, meeting minutes, newsletters, program proposals, statistical data, and surveys. In addition to reviews and evaluations of the CSSA program, these records also document summer workshops organized by CSSA, a CSSA alumni gathering, enrollment data, the formation of the CSSA program, curriculum development, and the restructuring of CSSA in 2013/14.

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J. Kenneth Munford Collection, 1869-1983

Accession 2015:025, received 2015-03-11. 0.12 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This addition to the J. Kenneth Munford Collection is made up of correspondence and reference materials relating to Munford's research for an article on Captain Benjamin Boswell for the Oregon Historical Quarterly (OHQ). The correspondence reflects interaction between Munford and the Oregon Historical Society, the Douglas County Museum, and Wayne County Historical Society in the gathering of resources about Boswell. Among the materials collected by Munford for his research on Boswell include death records, legal documents, meeting minutes, military records, newspaper clippings, and photographs. In addition to the management of the Boswell Springs Resort in Douglas County (Or.), these materials also document Boswell's involvement in the development of military coursework at Oregon Agricultural College that began in 1873. A draft of the Boswell article written by Munford (co-authored by OSU Archivist Harriet Moore) that appeared in the Winter 1982 issue of OHQ is also included in this accession.

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Lory Johnston Papers, 1946-1950

Accession 2015:024, received 2015-03-09. 0.20 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of materials collected by alumnus Lory Johnston that reflect his student experience at Oregon State College and in particular, his involvement in the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. In addition to photographs, this transfer includes dance cards, event programs, newsletters, a newspaper, registration receipts, a sign, a student directory, student handbooks, and ticket stubs. These items document Johnston's social activities at OSC relating primarily to his participation in dances and athletic games. Numbering 27 prints in total, the images mostly depict Johnston as a part of group shots with his fellow Phi Gamma Delta brothers and at dances with other attendees. There are also a few portrait shots of alumna Jean Hathaway, including one with her and Johnston.

University Advancement Records (RG 210), 2000-2010

Accession 2015:022, received 2015-03-02. 1.6 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated by the Office of University Advancement and is made up of cds, correspondence, DVDs, meeting minutes, notes, reports, survey materials, and a VHS videotape. About one third of this transfer relates to the "Portland Initiative" project to expand OSU's presence in Portland. In addition to lease information for office space and other budgetary documentation, these materials also contain floor plans, meeting minutes, correspondence, and reports. Other records in this accession reflect the work of the Campus Outdoor Art Committee, the Capital Campaign Advisory Committee, and the Media, Marketing and Events Management Review Committee. Survey materials and market research findings materials pertain to an integrated marketing communication plan, perceptions of OSU among a sample of Oregon voters, and logo usage. The 21 DVDs contain TV ad spots, short OSU promo films, a recording of a televised interview with President Ed Ray, time-lapse footage of a jet being painted in "OSU" colors, a broadcast news story about the Hinsdale Wave Tank Lab, and a film produced for the opening of the Hallie Ford Center. The 15 cds contain a combination of powerpoint presentations, digital photographs, sound files, and text documents. On the VHS videotape is the TV ad "PAC 10 Explore."

Other materials in this collection.

Heart of the Valley Homebrewers Records, 1982-2004

Accession 2015:021, received 2015-03-02. 0.40 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by the Heart of the Valley Homebrewers (HOTV) club and is made up of blank forms, bylaws, correspondence, flyers, meeting minutes, membership lists, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and recipes/brewsheets. In addition to documenting beers made by HOTV members, these records also reflect annual events organized by the club, beer judging certification, and involvement of club members in the American Homebrewers Association. The newsletters in this collection not only represent the HOTV, but other local homebrew clubs in the region such as the Capitol Brewers (Salem), the Mary's Peak Lagers, and the Cascade Brewer's Society (Springfield).

William E. Lawrence Papers, 1893-1945

Accession 2015:20, received 2015-02-27. 1.2 cubic feet; 1 document box; 4 4x5 index card boxes and 1 lantern slide box

This accession consists of materials generated by Botany professor William E. Lawrence and includes article reprints, a certificate, conference papers, Extension bulletins, notebooks, photographs, radio scripts, a student paper, and textbooks. Lawrence's published research in the articles and bulletins document a number of topics, including: stock-poisoning plants, Oregon tree studies, the teaching of plant physiology, and the phylogeny of green algae. One of the bulletins features a poem by Lawrence entitled "Forest Trees." The scripts reflect radio broadcasts for KOAC in which Lawrence spoke on various plant topics and accounts from a visit to Mexico. The three notebooks reflect notes from a botany class taken by Lawrence as a student, birds observed in the field, and a bibliography of references cited from literature about plant ecology and range/pasture botany. Numbering about 631 images in total, the photographs are made up of glass plate negatives (530), lantern slide positives (56), and film negatives (45). Primarily depicting trees and vegetation in range and mountain environments in Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, Washington, and Massachusetts (Wood's Hole area) some of the photographs portray specimens of plants prepared for "plant physiology lab" studies. Most of the photographs were taken in Oregon. There are also portrait and group shots of family members and friends at home and on trips to the Oregon coast, Mary's Peak, and at Mount Rainier.

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Western Pulp and Paper Manufacturers Uniform Labor Agreements Collection, 1952-2004

Accession 2015:017, received 2015-02-20. 4.5 cubic feet; 5 archives boxes

This accession is made up of uniform labor agreements and mill rules collected by labor attorney Lewis K. Scott that document the union contracts and rules for 67 mills and paper processing operations thoughout the Pacific Northwest, California, and Arizona. Employees covered by these agreements were represented by International United Papermakers and Paperworkers, International Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulfite and Paper Mill Workers, Pacific Coast Association of Pulp and Paper Manufacturers, and the Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers. Among the companies whose mills and plants are featured in these agreements include: Crown Zellerbach, Boise Cascade, Simpson Paper Company, and Weyerhaeuser Corporation.

Memorial Union Moving Images Collection (FV P 198), 1977-1987

Accession 2015:003, received 2015-01-05. 0.45 cubic foot; 2 document boxes

This accession consists of video recordings produced and collected by the Memorial Union. Numbering 8 VHS videotapes and 3 U-Matic tapes, these recordings document various subjects relating to the Memorial Union including a profile on artist Henk Pander, Memorial Union Program Council field training, and a program for Memorial Union director George Stevens. Events documented on these recordings include: the dedication ceremony for the opening of Memorial Union East (Snell Hall), the 1987 Mom's Weekend Fashion Show, and the Chips Invitational Mascot Ski Race in Colorado (where Benny Beaver took to the slopes).

Other materials in this collection.

Memorial Union Records (RG 099), 1922-2007

Accession 2015:003, received 2015-01-05. 5.8 cubic feet; 6 archives boxes and 1 document box

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by Memorial Union staff and is made up of architectural drawings, budgetary records, constitutions, correspondence, floppy diskettes, a medallion, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, a plaque, reports, sound recordings, speeches, and student papers. In addition to the work of the MU Board of Directors, these records also pertain to art collections managed by the MU, legal cases brought against the MU, building expansion projects, MU director George Stevens, OSU cultural centers, art exhibits at the MU, the 50th anniversary of the MU, and broadcast media at OSU. Most of the student papers were part of a class assignment on potential designs for MU eateries. Other papers examine African- Americans at OSU and a proposal to establish a MU "crafts facility." Made up of 4 reelto- reel tapes and 8 cassette tapes, the sound recordings document a combination of oral history interviews and events. The events captured on the recordings include ceremonies for the 50th anniversary of the Memorial Union and the dedication of the Henk Pander mural. The interviews feature the following OSU staff and alumni: MU Director George Stevens, Henderson "Scram" Graham, Jack Porter, Duane Fitzgerald, Peggy Allworth, Leone Johnson, and Dan Poling.

Other materials in this collection.

Memorial Union Photographs (P 198), 1959-1983

Accession 2015:003, received 2015-01-05. 0.15 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of photographic images taken and collected by Memorial Union staff that document events at the Memorial Union (MU) and various parts of the building. Numbering 226 photographs in total (108 slides 118 prints), about a third of the images reflect ceremonies in honor of the 50th anniversary of the MU in 1974. Images focused upon the building itself include a series of shots of architectural details labeled as "open house" and views of the MU County Store deli. The slides are primarily part of an informational slide presentation on the various activities and services in the MU (both the main building and Snell Hall). The presentation includes a script and cassette tape.

Other materials in this collection.

Beaver Yearbook Photographs (P 003), 1996-2002

Accession 2015:018, received 2015-02-23. 3 cubic feet; 3 archives boxes

This accession consists of photographic images taken by Beaver Yearbook staff during the 1996/97 through the 2001/02 school years for use in the annual yearbook. Numbering about 6000 photographs in total (3200 prints and 2800 negatives), the images primarily depict campus events, including: spring commencement ceremonies, Mom's and Dad's Weekend, athletic games, intramural sports, Homecoming Weekend, Interfraternity Council (IFC) Sing performances, musical concerts, and student organization cultural nights. Among the views of athletic contests are several hundred shots of the Oahu Bowl (1999) and Fiesta Bowl (2001) football games. There are also a number of general scenic shots of campus and students engaged in everyday activities in dormitories, classrooms, and outside in the quads. Portrait shots of yearbook staff and group shots of student organization members were also found in this transfer.

Other materials in this collection.

African-American Railroad Porter Oral History Collection, 1983-1992

Accession 2015:016, received 2015-02-09. 0.40 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is made up of 29 reel-to-reel sound recordings containing interviews between Michael Grice and African-American railroad porters employed in the Portland area. These recordings form much of the background research for a film produced by Grice in 1985 entitled "Black Families and the Railroad in Oregon and the Northwest." The subjects featured in these interviews are: Otto Rutherford, Woodrow E. Wilson, Lonnie Wilson, Jimmy Sullivan, Cleophas Smith, Vernon Gaskin, Willie Rice, James Brooks, Congreesman Augustus Hawkins, E. Shelton Hill, Si Greene, Daniel Allen, Eddie Butler, Hazel Murray, Lawrence Alberti, Cliff Jackson, Walter Reynolds, George Canada, and Alfred Richardson. Transcripts for these recordings are not yet available.

University Advancement Records (RG 210), 2007-2008

Accession 2015:014, received 2015-02-02. 0.20 cubic feet; 1 archives box

This accession consists of materials generated by the Office of University Advancement that document the organization of three special events: a memorial observance for Crop and Soil Science faculty Elizabeth Sulzman, OSU Day at the Oregon State Fair, and the 2008 Innovation Breakfast. In addition to correspondence and event programs, this transfer includes a cd, 2 DVDs, guest lists, invitations, and newspaper clippings.

Other materials in this collection.

Elizabeth Henley Collection, 1886-2000

Accession 2015:009, received 2015-01-22. 0.80 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes and 1 12x17 oversize box

This addition to the Elizabeth Henley Collection consists of materials generated and collected by English professor Henley that document her poetry, family life, and research. Henley's poetry is reflected in a number of publications in this accession, including the posthumously published book "To Hear Unspoken Things." There are also poetry journals featuring Henley's work and a newspaper clipping honoring "Oregon's Poetry Day" with one of her poems. A handmade booklet by Henley called "My God- Daughter's Book" also contains a poem. Henley's interest in children's literature and work on a (unfinished) book about writer Walter De La Mare is documented in research notes compiled on index cards, sound recordings, and chapter drafts. Some of these materials reference children's literary works such as "The Maid of Kent." The sound recordings consist of 7 cassette tapes. Photographs, numbering 14 prints and 1 negative, depict Henley in portrait shots and with various members of her family. Artifacts found in this transfer include: a portable writing desk, a camera referenced in Bernard Malamud's book "A New Life," a framed embroidery of a flower, and a pair of baby mittens. Henley used the desk outdoors for composing pastoral poems while in Corvallis. A copy of the novel "Class Notes" by Henley relative Catharine Stimpson is also part of this transfer.

Other materials in this collection.

Phil Decker Oregon Crop Festival Photographs Collection, 2010-2014

Accession 2015:013, received 2015-01-28. 0.01 cubic foot; 641 MB, 1 archives box

This accession consists of 144 born digital photographs, supporting materials and contextual information documenting twelve crop festivals held in various communities around Oregon. The photographs were taken by Phil Decker of Salem, Oregon and include images of the Aumsville Corn Festival (2010, 2011); Baumann Farms Fall Harvest Festival (2011); Independence Hops and Heritage Festival (2011); Lincoln City Wild Mushroom Festival (2011); North Plains Elephant Garlic Festival (2011); Scappoose Sauerkraut Festival (2011); Weston Potato Show (2011); Lebanon Strawberry Festival (2012); Hubbard Hops Festival (2013); Irrigon Watermelon Festival (2013); Yamhill Harvest Fest (2013); and North Powder Huckelberry Festival (2014). Decker selected twelve images for each festival to deposit with SCARC. In addition to the photographs, the accession includes a project description, item metadata and a biographical sketch supplied by the photographer, as well as newspaper clippings, an exhibit panel, a journal article and a self-published book - "Harvest of Moments - that provide additional background and context to the images.

Haskell C. and Sarah E. Carter Memoir, 1982

Accession 2015:011, received 2015-01-28. 0.03 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This accession is made up of a memoir written and published by alumnus Haskell C. Carter detailing stories from his life, including his childhood growing up in Hillsboro (Or.), marriage with Sarah "Sally" Eidal, their family together, working for the Ford Motor Company in Detroit, his manufacturing businesses in Portland, various residences in the Portland area, and trips to Europe in later years. In one of the chapters, Haskell describes his student experience at Oregon Agricultural College where he graduated with an engineering degree in 1923. In addition to accounts of this classes and the professors who taught them (among them, engineering professor Sam Graf) Haskell also writes about his fellow fraternity brothers, his rebuilt car "Vamp," returning World War I veterans attending college, summer school, and his courtship of Sarah. Other family members with OSU connections referenced in the memoirs include: brother Conway, son Russell, and granddaughter Marilyn.

OSU Alumni Oral History Collection (OH 13), 2014-2015

Accession 2015:010, received 2015-01-22. 0.02 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This addition to the OSU Alumni Oral History Collection consists of a cd with a recording of an interview between Alice Rampton and Whitney Ball about his father and alumnus Waldo Ball. Topics addressed on the recording include: Waldo's medical practice in Corvallis, his father William's photograph studio (Ball Studios), the meeting of Waldo and his wife Mabel, and Waldo's military service in World War I. The interview took place on September 3, 2014 and the recording runs 46:49. Included with the cd is a biographical sketch of Ball, two photocopied images, and a letter from Rampton with background details about the interview.

Other materials in this collection.

Alice Fisher Papers, 1929-1947

Accession 2015:005, received 2015-01-09. 0.35 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of materials generated by alumna Alice Fisher that document her student experience at Oregon State College and is made up of class notes, course handouts, exams, and research papers. The subjects reflected in Alice's collected coursework include household administration, journalism, education, French, geology, and theatre. Of particular interest among the research papers/assignments are observational studies of children at the campus nursery school and a prompt book for the play "The Twelve Pound Look." Other items found in this transfer consist of a small calendar booklet with handwritten notations and a constitution for the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority.

Other materials in this collection.

Research Office Records (RG 170), 1984-2014

Accession 2015:004, received 2015-01-05. 2.3 cubic feet; 3 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated by the Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development (OCCD-formerly the Technology Transfer Office) that document technology patents developed at OSU that expired or were closed during fiscal year 2014. In addition to royalty payment records, this transfer also includes agreements, correspondence, invention disclosure forms, newspaper clippings, reports, and trademark applications. Topics of research reflected in these records include: methane fuel cell development, meadowfoam meal, zinc tin oxide semiconductors, a mobile app for reporting of physical therapy exercise regimens, scalable manufacturing of nanoporous silicon, and fish protein as a fat blocker for fried seafood.

Other materials in this collection.