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Linus Pauling Online

The History of Science Collections at OSU span the entire record of scientific experimentation and advancement. From 15th century texts on medicine to research on modern fuel cell technology, the collections reflect the human wonder, curiosity, ambition, and discovery that has driven scientific progress and achievement for centuries. Encompassing many different types of primary sources, from landmark texts of the Scientific Revolution to archival collections of modern scientists, the collections document the histories of chemistry, the biological sciences, physics, quantum mechanics, genetics, medicine, agricultural sciences and husbandry, botany, natural history, nuclear history, and other scientific disciplines as they have transformed over time.

The cornerstone of the History of Science collections is the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers Containing over 500,000 items, including Pauling’s research notebooks, correspondence, and scientific manuscripts, this collection documents the prolific career and contributions of the only winner of two unshared Nobel Prizes and one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century. This collection keenly reflects the spirit of scientific innovation and invention displayed throughout the History of Science Collections.

Over 1,300 archival collections held by SCARC have been described and made available for researcher use. Access to those collection guides is available here.