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Radiation Center Records

Radiation Center Records, 1953-2008

The Radiation Center Records are comprised of materials generated between 1953 and 2008 documenting the creation and operation of the Oregon State University Radiation Center. The collection contains administrative correspondence; records of the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Center's facilities and equipment; documentation of research conducted by the Radiation Center on behalf of OSU and other academic institutions, the U.S. Army, Oregon law enforcement agencies, and corporate partners; and records of the Center's day-to-day operations including detailed annual reports and records from several advisory groups.
RG 202
12 cubic feet, including 4 3.5" floppy disks; 1 compact disk; 250 photographic prints; 150 photograph negatives; 5 slides; 40 film transparencies; 100 neutron radiography prints; 150 radiography negatives; 5 feet of radiography film; and 6 glass plate negatives; 14 boxes
University History, History of Science / PhotographsBorn-Digital Materials 

Frank J. Radovsky Papers

Frank J. Radovsky Papers, 1957-2008

The Frank J. Radovsky Papers document Radovsky's research on parasitic mites (acaraology). Radovsky taught medical entomology as a visiting professor at Oregon State University (OSU) in 1986-1987 and returned to OSU in 1994 as a Courtesy Professor in Entomology, a position he held until his death in 2010.
MSS Radovsky
3.4 cubic feet, including 9 photographs; 4 boxes
University History, History of Science, Natural Resources / Photographs 

Rangeland Resources Department Maps

Rangeland Resources Department Maps, 1936-1967

The Rangeland Resources Department Maps consist of materials created and assembled by Rangeland Resources faculty and alumni documenting range type surveys and studies in the Lower Powder River basin, Vale District, and Squaw Butte Experimental Range in eastern Oregon.
MAPS Rangeland
0.3 cubic foot; 4 map folders
Natural Resources, University History / Maps 

Rangeland Resources Department Photographs

Rangeland Resources Department Photographs, 1934-1982

The Rangeland Resources Department Photographs document ranges and rangeland research in Oregon and other western states and were taken and assembled by Department faculty and staff. Rangeland research began at Oregon State in 1934 and an undergraduate program in range management was established in the late 1940s.
P 288
7.4 cubic feet, including 6580 photographs; 14 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History, Natural Resources / Photographs 

Robert Rankin Papers

Robert Rankin Papers, 1935-1974

The Robert Rankin Papers consist of materials that document Rankin's years as an Oregon State College student and his career as an engineer and engineering consultant.
MSS Rankin
1.1 cubic feet; 1 archives box and 1 legal size document box
University History, History of Science

August Rauch Collection

August Rauch Collection, 1935-1981

The August Rauch Collection consists of reference materials pertaining to plywood and veneers assembled by Rauch in the course of his work for the U.S. Plywood Corporation in Lebanon, Oregon, and in Washington. Rauch graduated from Oregon State College in 1942 with a BS in Forestry, specializing in wood products.
MSS Rauch
2.35 cubic feet; 3 boxes
University History, Natural Resources 

Thayer Raymond Collection

Thayer Raymond Collection, 1912-1990

The Thayer Raymond Collection documents Raymond's activities as a high school and college student as well as her first years as a high school teacher. Raymond, a native of Raymond, Washington, graduated from Oregon Agricultural College in 1919.
MSS Raymond
0.3 cubic feet; 2 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral Histories 

Reasons, Bill, Photograph Collection

Reasons, Bill, Photograph Collection, 1952-1974

This collection consists of photographs taken by Bill Reasons and other OSU Photo Service photographers between 1952 and 1974.
P 151
1.5 cubic feet; approx. 1000 prints, 1400 negatives, and 79 color slides and transparencies.
University History, Hops and Brewing / Photographs 

Recreational Sports Department Records

Recreational Sports Department Records, 1964-2008

The Recreational Sports Department Records document recreational sports and fitness programs offered at Oregon State University, primarily for students. The records include committee records, sports club files, photographs, videotapes, and audiocassettes. The Recreational Sports Department provides recreational and educational opportunities for the OSU community and oversees recreational facilities on the Corvallis campus.
RG 240
15 cubic feet, including 9000 photographs, 14 videotapes, 13 compact discs, and 2 audiocassettes; 15 boxes
University History / PhotographsVideosSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesScrapbooksBorn-Digital Materials 

Edwin T. Reed Papers

Edwin T. Reed Papers, 1886-1948

The Reed Papers consist of notes, publications and speeches, correspondence, photographs, and other materials pertaining to Edwin T. Reed's work as college editor, to OSU history, and to William Jasper Kerr.
MSS Reed
6 cubic feet; 9 boxes, including 3 oversize boxes
University History / Photographs 

Robert "Wally" Reed Photographs

Robert "Wally" Reed Photographs, 1901-1929

The Robert "Wally" Reed Photographs feature several portraits of Oregon Agricultural College student body presidents. Also included in the collection are scenes of students, athletic teams and the college band.
P 161
60 photographs; 2 boxes
University History / Photographs 

Board of Regents Records

Board of Regents Records, 1886-1929

The Board of Regents Records document the administration, facilities, and curriculum of the Oregon Agricultural College and include correspondence, minutes, financial records, and contracts.
RG 008
5 cubic ft.; The paper records are housed in 2 cubic foot boxes, 5 12x17 oversize boxes, one legal document case, and an oversize cabinet.; 7 microfilm reels.
University History 

Registrar's Office Records

Registrar's Office Records, 1870-2011

The Registrar's Office Records document in extensive detail student enrollment, academic programs and degrees granted, admissions, tuition and fees, scholarships and honors, and academic regulations and procedures at Oregon State University. The Records also document military training and the National Youth Administration employment program for Oregon State students. The Registrar's Office was established in 1903; Professor John B. Horner was the first Registrar for Oregon State.
RG 053 - SG 1
32.5 cubic feet, including one videotape, 1 DVD, and 1 map; 35 boxes, including 2 oversize boxes and 1 roll storage box; 6 microfilm reels
University History / VideosMaps 

Natalie Reichart Papers

Natalie Reichart Papers, 1936-1961

The Natalie Reichart Papers document preparation of Archery by Reichart and Gilman Keasey and include the manuscript, illustrations, and photographs. Reichart attended Oregon Agricultural College from 1917 to 1920 and was a physical education instructor from 1925 until 1945.
MSS Reichart
0.15 cubic feet, including 54 photographs; 1 box
University History / Photographs 

Religious Embassy Scrapbook

Religious Embassy Scrapbook, 1950-1951

The Religious Embassy Scrapboook documents a week of activities and events with the theme, "The Sciences and Religion Search Together", held at Oregon State College in November 1950. The scrapbook was assembled by the Religion in Education Foundation, one of the sponsors of the Embassy.
MSS ReligiousEmbassy
0.03 cubic foot, including 9 photographs ; 1 box
University History / PhotographsScrapbooks 

Research Accounting Office Records

Research Accounting Office Records, 1935-2010

The Research Accounting Records document the administration of funds from non-university sources for research projects at Oregon State University. The Research Accounting Office was established at Oregon State University in 1982.
RG 026
243 cubic feet; 244 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History 

Research Office Photographs

Research Office Photographs, 1974-1987

The Research Office Photographs consist of images depicting campus views and people engaged in research in laboratories and in the field.
P 181
0.26 cubic foot, including 10 photographs; 1 document box and 3 file folders
University History / Photographs 

Research Office Records

Research Office Records, 1960-2012

Established in 1965, the Research Office oversees and directs research at OSU. The Research Office Records were generated or acquired by the Research Office, the Natural Resources Policy Institute, and OSU research centers and institutes. The records document the formation of procedures and policies regarding research, review of various research projects at OSU, and external funding of research through grants.
RG 170
65.1 cubic ft.; 6 microfilm reels.
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science 

Reserve Officer Training Corps Records

Reserve Officer Training Corps Records, 1890-2009

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Records document Army and Air Force cadet training at Oregon State University. The records include correspondence, reports, publications and scrapboooks of the Air Force ROTC program.
RG 058
9 cubic ft.; 18 boxes, including 12 oversize boxes and 3 microfilm reels
University History / VideosScrapbooks 

Resident Hostess Club of Oregon State College Records

Resident Hostess Club of Oregon State College Records, 1948-1967

The Resident Hostess Club of Oregon State College Records relate to the activities and organization of the club for housemothers, or resident hostesses, of living groups on the Oregon State College campus.
RG 133
1 microfilm reel
University History 

Rice Family Photograph Album

Rice Family Photograph Album, 1935-1947

The Rice Family Photograph Album includes images of children, family groups, and homes in Oregon and Indiana, as well as as several images of the Oregon State College campus. The creator of the album is not known.
P 272
0.25 cubic feet, including 230 photographs; 1 oversize box
University History / Photographs 

Charles M. Rice Papers

Charles M. Rice Papers, 1977

The Charles M. Rice Papers consist of an autobiographical volume about Rice's career in industrial education and a resume. Rice earned an Ed.D. from Oregon State College in 1958 and was an Associate Professor of Industrial Arts at Western Washington University from 1941 until 1965.
MSS Rice
0.15 cubic foot, including 4 photographs; 1 box
University History / Photographs 

Ina Rihani Photographs

Ina Rihani Photographs, 1977

The Ina Rihani Photographs consist of snapshots of Monroe, Oregon, taken or assembled by Rihani. Rihani enrolled at Oregon State University in the 1970s; she earned a B.A. in Sociology in 1975 and a M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies in 1982.
P 160
0.01 cubic foot, including 61 photographs; 1 box
Local History / Photographs 

John C. Ringle Papers

John C. Ringle Papers, 1960-2012

The John C. Ringle Papers are comprised of materials generated and assembled by John C. Ringle a professor of Nuclear Engineering at Oregon State University. The collection, which contains material spanning 1960 to 2012, includes correspondence, publications by Ringle, research and instruction materials, documentation from the American Nuclear Society and other professional organizations, and records from the OSU Department of Nuclear Engineering and the OSU Radiation Center. The Ringle Papers document John Ringle's career, the history of OSU's nuclear engineering program, and the controversial issue of nuclear power in the United States during the 20th century.
MSS Ringle
5.4 cubic feet; 17 boxes, including 1 3.5" floppy disk (346 kB) and 42 photographs
University History, History of Science / PhotographsBorn-Digital Materials 

Paul G. Risser Papers

Paul G. Risser Papers, 1986-2002

The Paul G. Risser Papers consist of records generated by the Willamette Restoration Initiative that were collected by Risser. Included among these records are correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, publications, and reports.
MSS Risser
12 cubic feet; 13 archives boxes
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / Photographs 

Paul Ritchter papers

Paul Ritchter papers, 1937-1972

The Paul Ritchter Papers consist of records generated by Ritchter, an entomologist, and include article reprints, conference papers, photographs and research notes.
MSS Ritchter
0.45 cubic foot; 1 archives box
University History, History of Science, Natural Resources / Photographs 

John L. Robbins Photographs

John L. Robbins Photographs, 1966-1972

The John L. Robbins Photographs consist of photographs taken by Robbins during his student years at Oregon State University in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The images document campus events, student activities, athletics, and campus views and scenes. Robbins earned a BS in Industrial Arts Education from Oregon State in 1973.
P 295
1.5 cubic feet, including 4500 photographs; 3 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History / Photographs 

William G. Robbins Papers

William G. Robbins Papers, 1886-2014

The William G. Robbins Papers document his teaching, research and publishing activities and include correspondence, course syllabi and lecture notes, articles and book reviews, and extensive research and reference materials created and assembled by Robbins. A scholar of the environmental history of North America and a noted author, Robbins was a faculty member in the Oregon State University History Department from 1971 until his retirement in 1999.
MSS Robbins
28.9 cubic feet; 26 archives boxes
University History, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsVideos 

Ben L. Robinson Farm Journals

Ben L. Robinson Farm Journals, 1929-2000

The Ben L. Robinson Farm Journals consist of account journals for farms and ranches operated by Ben L. Robinson and his father, Carl Robinson, in Union County, Oregon. Ben L. Robinson served on various county and state-wide agricultultural organizations and received a Diamond Pioneer Agricultural Career Achievement Award from Oregon State University in 1988.
MSS RobinsonFarm
0.6 cubic feet; 1 box
Natural Resources 

Charles Leon Robinson Photograph Album

Charles Leon Robinson Photograph Album, 1912-1916

The Charles Leon Robinson Photograph Album was assembled by Robinson during his student years at Oregon Agricultural College. The album documents student activities and student life during the early-mid 1910s and includes several items of ephemera. Robinson graduated from Oregon Agricultural College in 1914 with a B.S. in horticulture.
P 215
0.2 cubic feet, including 212 photographs; 1 oversize box
University History / Photographs 

R. H. Robinson Papers

R. H. Robinson Papers, 1889-1968

The R.H. Robinson Papers document Robinson's research on insecticides, fungicides, and spray residues conducted as a chemist with the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, a position Robinson held from 1911 until his retirement in 1951. The Papers include correspondence, article reprints and publications, research data, reference materials, and publications.
MSS Robinson
8.8 cubic feet; 9 boxes
University History, History of Science 

Rockefeller Project Records

Rockefeller Project Records, 1969-1981

The Rockefeller Project Records document a multidisciplinary study of environmental concerns and economic growth in Oregon conducted at Oregon State University in the early 1970s. The project was funded by the the Rockefeller Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Pacific Northwest Regional Commission and directed by Emery N. Castle. The records include project proposals, administrative records, reports and studies, and documentation of the simulation models developed by the project.
RG 161
2.4 cubic feet; 4 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History, History of Science 

Theodore Rockwell Papers

Theodore Rockwell Papers, 1915-2013

The Theodore Rockwell Papers document the life and career of Ted Rockwell, a member of the Manhattan Project, technical director for the U.S. Navy's nuclear propulsion initiative under Admiral H. G. Rickover, and co-founder of engineering firm MPR Associates, Inc. and nuclear advocacy group Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc. The collection includes correspondence, publications, research files, administrative documents, and memorabilia from his career. The collection also documents Rockwell's interest in parapsychology and includes extensive research materials on consciousness studies, telekinesis, dowsing, extraterrestrials, and other phenomena.
MSS Rockwell
28 cubic feet, including 85 photographs, 7 microfiche, and 5 audiocassette tapes; 8 gigabytes of digital files including 615 digital images; 2 5.25" floppy disks; 16 3.5" floppy disks; 85 boxes, including 1 oversize box
History of Science / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesVideosBorn-Digital Materials 

Wilma M. Rodman Photograph Collection

Wilma M. Rodman Photograph Collection, 1950-1974

The Wilma M. Rodman Photograph Collection consists of photographs of directors of the Oregon State University Counseling and Testing Center assembled for publication in Rodman's 1974 history of guidance and counseling at Oregon State. Rodman served on the staff of the Counseling Center as a psychometrist from 1959 to 1974.
P 147
0.01 cubic foot, including 14 photographs; 1 box
University History / Photographs 

Bill R. Rogers Papers

Bill R. Rogers Papers, 1975-2003

The Bill R. Rogers Papers consist of wide array of materials pertaining to Rogers' work as a Lincoln County Extension Agent.
MSS Rogers
4.1 cubic feet; 5 archives boxes
University History, Natural Resources / PhotographsVideosBorn-Digital Materials 

G. Herbert Root Photograph Collection

G. Herbert Root Photograph Collection, [ca. 1891] - 1936

The G. Herbert Root Photograph Collection consists primarily of photographs of Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) students, athletes, and faculty. The images were acquired by Root, who attended OAC in the early 1900s and was captain of the 1905 football team.
P 127
71 photographs
University History / Photographs 

Rose Bowl Football Game Scrapbooks

Rose Bowl Football Game Scrapbooks, 1940-1942

The Rose Bowl Football Game Scrapbooks consist of two scrapbooks, primarily of newspaper clippings, and ephemera documenting the Oregon State College football team's participation in the 1942 Rose Bowl football game in Durham, North Carolina.
MSS RoseBowl
0.5 cubic foot; 1 oversize box
University History / Scrapbooks 

Rose Bowl Game Scrapbook

Rose Bowl Game Scrapbook, 1941-1942

The Rose Bowl Game Scrapbook was assembled by Bob Panagis and documents the OSC football team's journey to the 1942 Rose Bowl game. It is primarily made up of newspaper clippings and photographs.
MSS RoseBowlPanagis
0.2 cubic foot; 1 20x16 oversize box
University History / PhotographsScrapbooks 

Sharon E. Rosenkoetter Papers

Sharon E. Rosenkoetter Papers, 1996-2011

The Sharon E. Rosenkoetter Papers document Rosenkoetter's research in early childhood development, especially transition planning between settings for children with special needs and leadership development to promote quality services across early childhood agencies and disciplines. Sharon E. Rosenkoetter was an Associate Professor in Human Development and Family Sciences at Oregon State University from 1999 until her retirement in 2010.
MSS Rosenkoetter
6 cubic feet, including 3 photographs; 6 boxes
University History / Photographs 

Robert G. Rosenstiel Papers

Robert G. Rosenstiel Papers, 1940-1988

The Rosenstiel Papers document the entomology research conducted by Robert G. Rosenstiel and include project notebooks, plot data, correspondence, reports and publications, and related documentation.
MSS Rosenstiel
2.15 cubic feet
University History, History of Science, Natural Resources / Photographs 

Charles R. Ross Papers

Charles R. Ross Papers, 1933-2001

The Charles R. Ross Papers document the work of Ross as an Extension Forester with Oregon State University, a position he held from 1946 until 1970; his prior work in forestry in Alabama and the Carolinas; and his writings during retirement.
MSS Ross
3.8 cubic feet, including 100 photographs, 691 slides and 3 negatives; 6 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History, Natural Resources / Photographs 

Wesley Ross Memoir of World War II

Wesley Ross Memoir of World War II, 2009

The Wesley Ross Memoir of World War II consists of personal remembrances and research conducted by Ross on the activities of the 146th Engineer Combat Battalion. Ross attended Oregon State College from 1938 to 1943 and earned a BS degree in electrical engineering.
0.1 cubic foot; 1 box
University History

Rowing (Crew) Photograph Collection

Rowing (Crew) Photograph Collection, 1922-1939

The Rowing (Crew) Photograph Collection consists predominantly of images of rowing teams from universities other than Oregon State and of rowing events in the eastern United States. The collection also includes several images of Oregon State rowing teams.
P 015
0.03 cubic foot, including 36 photographs; 1 box
University History / Photographs 

Beth Russell Papers

Beth Russell Papers, 1941-2005

The Beth Russell Papers consist of memorabilia collected by Russell and reflecting her undergraduate experience at Oregon State College and a trip to Alaska taken in 1941.
MSS RussellB
2.7 cubic feet, including 139 photographs; 4 archives boxes
University History / Photographs 

Walter H. Russell Papers

Walter H. Russell Papers, 1923-1982

The Walter H. Russell Papers consist of materials collected by Russell which document his experience as a student at Oregon Agricultural College in the mid-1920s and later recognition as an alumnus.
MSS RussellW
0.08 cubic foot, including 5 photographs; 1 document box
University History / Photographs 

Kenneth A. Rykbost Papers

Kenneth A. Rykbost Papers, 1990-2005

The Kenneth A. Rykbost Papers consist of materials generated by Rykbost during the time he was Superintendent of the Klamath Experiment Station and pertain to his research interest in potato variety development and cultural management as well as the public debate regarding water use and species recovery plans in the Klamath Basin.
MSS Rykbost
0.12 cubic foot; 1 box
University History, Natural Resources