Oregon State UniversitySpecial Collections & Archives Research Center

College of Agricultural Sciences Photographs, 1892-2001

(Subgroup) 1. Individually Numbered Photographs, 1892-1986

Series I. Glass Negatives of Crops and Plants. 1892 - circa 1900.

Series I consists of 63 glass negatives (primarily 5x8, unless indicated otherwise) of fruits and fruit trees; crops and other plants; poultry and hogs; and drawings, charts, and graphs. The images also include microphotographs probably made by Emile Pernot. Several of the drawings are signed by Pernot.

P036:001. 3.
Currant Bush.
P036:002. 3.
Cherry Tree.
P036:003-P038:004. 3.
Apple Trees.
P036:005. 3.
Peach Tree.
P036:006. 3.
Cherry Orchard.
P036:007. 3.
P036:008. 3.
Strawberry Varieties.
P036:009. 3.
Potted Plant.
P036:010-P037:011. 3.
P036:012. 3.
Potted Plant.
P036:013-P036:015. 3.
P036:016. 3.
P036:017. 3.
Plucked Chickens.
P036:018. 3.
Roosters. 2 negatives
P036:019. 3.
Dissected (slaughtered?) pig.
P036:020. 3.
Diagram of a horse.
P036:021. 3.
Slaugthered Pigs.
P036:022. 3.
Parsnip or carrot.
P036:023-P036:26. 3.
Parsnips or beets.
P036:027. 3.
P036:028. 3.
P036:029. 3.
Ornamental Plant.
P036:030. 3.
Temperature Graph.
P036:031. 3.
Chart -- 1897 Conditions.
P036:032. 3.
Charts comparing Willamette Valley with Eastern Oregon.
P036:033. 3.
Temperature Graph.
P036:034. 3.
Cutting with Leaves.
P036:035. 3.
Dog Fennel.
P036:036. 3.
Cherry? Tree.
P036:037. 4.
Pineapple weed (dog fennel?).
P036:038. 4.
Unidentified plant (Pernot, Photographer).
P036:039. 4.
Canadian Thistle.
P036:040. 4.
Celery or rhubarb?.
P036:041. 4.
Chipmunk or Gopher.
P036:042. 4.
Unidentified Roots. 5x7 glass negative
P036:043. 4.
Seed heads of Toke Weed, Centaure and Marguerite.
P036:044. 4.
Cutting with leaves.
P036:045. 4.
Bell Thistle?.
P036:046. 4.
Ceurrants Turnne Weed?.
P036:047. 4.
Currants?, Cutting with Leaves and Fruit.
P036:048. 4.
Fungi Samples.

5x7 negative

P036:049. 4.
P036:050. 4.
Strawberries (fruit and leaves).
P036:051. 4.
Samples of Mammoth, Haverland, Jessie and Bomba Strawberries.
P036:052. 4.
P036:053. 4.
Drawing of tree by (Emile?) Pernot.
P036:054. 4.
Unidentified Tree.
P036:055. 4.
Drawing of tree section? by Pernot.
P036:056-P036:59. 4.
Dissected (slaughtered?) hogs. 1892.
P036:060-P036:62. 5.
Dissected (slaughtered?) hogs. 1892.