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Industrial Arts and Industrial Manufacturing Department Photographs

Industrial Arts and Industrial Manufacturing Department Photographs, 1910-1980

The Industrial Arts and Industrial Manufacturing Department Photographs consist of lantern slides used in industrial arts education as well as photographs of faculty, staff, students and facilities.
P 189
0.62 cubic foot, including 606 photographs, 236 lantern slides and 63 negatives; 3 boxes
University History, History of Science, Natural Resources / Photographs 

Industrial Arts Department Motion Picture Film

Industrial Arts Department Motion Picture Film, 1944

The Industrial Arts Department Motion Picture Film consists of Building Boy Builders which documents a program to encourage vocational training in the building and construction trades.
FV P 189
0.05 cubic foot, including 1 film; 1 box
University History / Videos 

Information Department Records

Information Department Records, 1928-1966

The Information Department Records document building programs, student activities and educational projects. The collection also includes the department's general administrative correspondence and records of the dedication of buildings, news releases and various controversies.
RG 010
33 16-millimeter microfilm reels; 4 boxes
University History 

Information Services Photographs

Information Services Photographs, 1988-1989

The Information Services Photographs consists of eleven color slides depicting campus views, OSU athletic events, the OSU logo, and the OSU child care center. The images were submitted by the Telecommunications Office to US West for publication in the telephone book.
P 241
0.01 cubic foot, including 11 photographs; 1 file folder
University History / Photographs 

Information Services Records

Information Services Records, 1991-2012

The Information Services Records consist of e-mailed memoranda, e-mailed announcements, correspondence, grant proposals, committee records, meeting minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings, notes, reports, and survey results documenting the activities of the Information Services Department.
RG 215
4.62 cubic feet; 11 file folders and 6 archives boxes
University History 

Inspiration Dissemination (Student Radio Show) Sound Recordings

Inspiration Dissemination (Student Radio Show) Sound Recordings, 2012-2015

The Inspiration Dissemination Sound Recordings consist of interviews conducted by the hosts of the Inspiration Dissemination student radio show and broadcast on KBVR-FM. Created in 2012, Inspiration Dissemination is an award-winning weekly program focused on the graduate student experience at Oregon State University. Specifically, the show's hosts speak with current OSU graduate students about their research and their personal journey through graduate school. The collection is comprised entirely of born digital audio files.
MSS Inspiration
138 sound files; 4.57 gigabytes born digital
University History, History of Science / Sound Recordings and Oral HistoriesBorn-Digital Materials 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers OSU Student Chapter Records

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers OSU Student Chapter Records, 1913-1985

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers OSU Student Chapter Records consists of materials documenting the activities of this and affiliated student organizations.
0.8 cubic foot, including 48 photographs.; 1 archives box
University History, History of Science / Photographs 

Institutional Research Records

Institutional Research Records, 1965-1986

The Institutional Research Records consist of minutes of the Campus Plan Committee for 1965-1979 and the Facilities Planning and Use Committee for 1968-1986; a transition plan for program accessibility as required by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; and clippings about campus buildings and facilities published in 1965.
RG 086
0.3 cubic feet; 1 document box
University History 

InterACTION Project Records

InterACTION Project Records, 1994-2002

The InterACTION Project Records consist of materials documenting the work of the project, the intent of which was to help OSU "become a more responsive institution and to prepare the university to be an effective contributor to the world's food system in the 21st century."
RG 222
3.95 cubic feet; 5 archives box and 6 file folders
University History / Videos 

Intercollegiate Athletics Moving Images

Intercollegiate Athletics Moving Images, 1936-2003

The Intercollegiate Athletics Moving Images consist of motion picture films, videotapes, and DVDs of Oregon State University athletics events, primarily football and men's basketball. The collection also includes moving images of track and field events and recordings of several special events and commemorations.
FV P 031
70 cubic feet, including 1095 film reels, 83 videotapes, and 3 DVDs; 54 boxes and 50 film cans

Intercollegiate Athletics Photographic Collection

Intercollegiate Athletics Photographic Collection, 1907-1951

The Intercollegiate Athletics Photographic Collection consists of loose photos and a photo scrapbook of athletic teams and competitions, including OSU football and men's basketball games.
P 031
0.20 cubic foot; 2 12x17 oversize boxes
University History / Photographs 

Intercollegiate Athletics Records

Intercollegiate Athletics Records, 1908-2013

The Intercollegiate Athletics Records document the operation, marketing and performance of the Oregon State University athletic department, as well as the pursuits of thousands of student athletes whose endeavors have been administered by the department. The collection, which is eclectic in its material types and sprawling in its topical strengths, provides particular insight into the unit's work in the 1930s-1950s and the 1970s-1990s. Multiple decades worth of meeting minutes and several hundred game and event programs stand out as highlights of this record group.
RG 007
16.7 cubic feet, including 3 sound recordings, 1 video cassette and 1 CD-ROM; 23 boxes, including 6 oversize boxes, and 2 map folders; 1 microfilm reel
University History / Born-Digital MaterialsSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesVideos 

Interfraternity Council Records

Interfraternity Council Records, 1927-1998

The Interfraternity Council Records consist of a Constitution, by-laws and other materials generated by the IFC and documenting Greek activities on the OSU campus.
RG 088
1.42 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes, 1 file folder, and 1 ledger size document box
University History / Photographs 

International Education Records

International Education Records, 1960-2013

The International Education Records consist of annual reports, correspondence, administrative records, policy and procedure statements, memoranda and other assorted records generated by the Office of International Education
RG 164
34 cubic feet; 34archives boxes, 38 file folders, 5 document boxes, 1 half-document box, and 1 Hollinger box
University History, Multicultural Archives 

International Programs Photographs

International Programs Photographs, 1986-2000

The International Programs Photographs include images documenting program retreats and portraits of recipients of International Cultural Service Program scholarships.
P 246
0.03 cubic foot, including 17 photographs; 2 file folders
University History, Multicultural Archives / Photographs 

International Research and Development Office Records.

International Research and Development Office Records. 1991-2007

The International Research and Development Office Records consist solely of the reports and publications generated by the Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program and include administrative reports, technical reports, publications catalogs, and the program's quarterly newsletter, Aquanews.
RG 211
0.6 cubic foot; 2 boxes
University History, Natural Resources, Multicultural Archives 

International Students of Oregon State University Records

International Students of Oregon State University Records, 1970-2011

The International Students of Oregon State University (ISOSU) Records document the administration, programs, and membership of this organization of international students at Oregon State. The collection includes administrative records, promotional materials, photographs, and a video recording. The ISOSU was established in 1976.
RG 247
1.3 cubic feet, including 40 photographs; 2 boxes and 1 map folder
University History, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsVideosBorn-Digital Materials 

Leona Irons Photographs

Leona Irons Photographs, 1922

The Leona Irons Photographs collection consists of a set of Bardell Fototone Miniatures reproductions of images from the OAC campus, mostly campus buildings.
P 136
1 folder containing 20 photographs
University History / Photographs 

Ruby Stafrin Irwin Scrapbook

Ruby Stafrin Irwin Scrapbook, 1923-1927

The Ruby Stafrin Irwin Scrapbook was assembled by alumna Ruby Stafrin and contains materials related to her and her sister Mildred's experiences as students at Oregon Agricultural College. Ruby was a student in pharmacy from 1923 to 1926.
MSS Irwin
0.35 cubic feet, including 146 photographs; 1 box
University History / PhotographsScrapbooks